By Simi A Mira

1. Boot cut jeans:

The best fitting jeans can make you look amazing. They do this by hugging you in all the right ways in all the right places. Long dark or super dark wash jeans give you the biggest slim factor by creating a long smooth silhouette. Comfortable at the hips and the flare at the ankle add to the appearance on long lean legs. If you’re a big bottomed girl, pair the dark jeans with a light top to maximize the slimming effect.

2. Body lengthening clothes:

Get outside the box and get into the fit. The best fitting and best looking clothes are flowing but skim along the shape of your body. Oversized and boxy clothes may cover your body but don’t help you look and thinner. Bigger clothes and just that… bigger. To help lengthen the look of you torso, use well-structured vertical layers and accessories. Just be careful of layers that lead to bulk and counteracting the slimming look we want. Beautiful long cardigan, long patterned or long statement necklaces can make you look longer and improve the overall look and feel of your outfit.

3. Structured Fabric:

Dresses, blazers, and tops that are made using structured fabrics can help hide those little imperfections. The style designs from Buddy Love are using fabrics that visually make a cinched waist, or the “to die for” hourglass figure we all chase after even if the body underneath doesn’t quite match. You can use cropped sleeves to shape and hide flabby arms. The pattern and color plays a big role in how well the fabric can make the visual hourglass.   The age old adage that black is slimming continues here. While some pattern can distract from a trouble area, dark hues throughout and outfit creates a long tall line, naturally making you look slimmer.

4. Accentuate your waist:

Just covering up with something that is big enough to cover the biggest part of you isn’t going to cut it. While that capacious peasant tunic may sound like the opposite of everything discussed here, wear it correctly and it can make the look. Use a skinny belt to define your waist, if need be pick where you want your waist to be and use the belt to visually make that you waistline and build the outfit about that point so all the structure of the pieces should hit you where you want your waist to be seen. Lastly, when you want to be taller make yourself taller, find the perfect heels to go with your look and make your legs look longer and leaner.

5. Invest in Shapewear:

We have all heard about body shaping under clothes, Spanx and every new “instant slim” promise ad nauseum.   Unfortunately, they won’t be going away any time soon for one simple reason. They actually work. A well-constructed shapewear piece can even everything out. They are designed to apply the right pressure throughout to smooth out any unsightly bulges while holding you in. Shapewear helps develop that hour-glass cinched waist gently leading into rounded hips by having increased support at the waist and allowing more space around the hips. There are many types of shapewear out there to choose from, to get that smooth lean look find seamless pieces that have reinforced panels that help suck in your paunch, muffin top, smooth out cellulite in thighs and shape and support your booty. Seamless is especially important when wearing free flowing and light weight fabrics that are fitted such as dressing, evening gowns, and dressy tops.


feature image: ShineByThree