Hey there, gorgeous! Getting ready for the runway? 

Great! You look stunning as is but… Why aren’t you smiling? 

In the modeling industry where everything is bling and glamor, every aspect of one’s physical appearance has immense value: looks, figure, fashion sense, and of course, your smile. 

Taking care of our dental health doesn’t need to be a daunting task, it just requires a few habits to be built, and a simple routine to be set and followed. 

Here are 5 exclusive tips which will ramp up the beauty and power of your smile!

1. Change Your Toothbrush

For normal people, brushing our teeth twice a day is enough to keep our teeth healthy and strong. 

As a model, however, you might be seeking out whiter, shinier results which can be achieved much more easily by using an electric toothbrush which would effectively buff your enamels and clean out the gunk in difficult-to-reach areas. 

Additionally, this dental expert who does cosmetic dentistry in Greenville also recommends flossing every day to clean the gaps between your teeth. 

2. Adjust Your Diet To Combat Bad Breath

In an industry that strives for mass appeal, you cannot afford to receive any negative labels, especially those which relate to your hygiene.

One of the most common issues people from all walks of life are bothered by is halitosis– bad breath and for people in your profession, it could cost a career.

Fear not though, simple issues like these are just as simple to deal with. 

Adjust your water intake so that it is sufficient and consistent throughout the day, try to consume less smelly foods like fish or garlic (specifically on nights before important events), and practice dental care diligently. 

As well as that, utilize dental probiotics to stimulate the rejuvenation of healthy mouth bacteria. A great product is Smile Brilliant’s Dental Probiotics which are chewable, affordable, and sugar-free. 

3. Quit Smoking

Seriously, if the already prevalent and obvious reasons aren’t reasons enough then let this be the deciding factor. 

Not only does smoking seriously damage your lungs, and give you a very high chance of cancer, but the habit also rots your teeth and causes seriously bad breath which cannot be temporarily dealt with even with the strongest mints. 

Your skin, hair, lungs, and teeth, all would thank you immensely if you drop that cigarette and never pick it up again. 

So for your own sake, quit smoking before it ends you.

4. Use Whitening Toothpaste With Minty Flavours

Now we have told you this plenty of times but your smile’s appearance and your breath’s smell, are both equally vital so that your image as a model remains pristine.

Just using an electric toothbrush isn’t enough of a change, use toothpaste specially designed to give whitening effects and have a fresh aftertaste and smell.

Your breath will be amazing, and your teeth will sparkle as you strut on that runway!

5. Stay Hydrated

Water really is a magic liquid, every aspect of your health improves drastically as long as you drink enough of it. 

Staying hydrated prevents bad breath, cleans your teeth throughout the day, prevents tooth decay by removing any acidity in your mouth and aids in digestion. 

You will also achieve other benefits such as improved metabolism, improved immune system, healthier skin and hair, and even better a better mood throughout the day, just by regularly drinking enough water. 


See what we told you? 

It really is just a slight bit of tinkering with your regular routine and you will achieve a celebrity smile in no time! 

Just make sure that you reduce staining foods like dark and colored beverages, and keep up your regular dental routine with the improved versions of the products that you used to use beforehand.