By Evlin Symon

You read the title right guys, it is another DIY slash life hack article! These are my favorite types of articles because not only are the tips practical, they’re also extremely easy to do and are pretty cheap since we all already have access to most of these things anyway. For this article I will be discussing all the possible beauty benefits ice cubes can offer. What did I tell you? Cheap and easily accessible. So walk towards your fridge and grab your ice rack and let’s begin.

Zit Zapper

This is a pretty common trick. You’ve probably already learned this in high school but for those of you that didn’t, all you really need is an ice cube and a zip lock bag. Some people will argue and say that using a towel to wrap the ice cube before dabbing it on your pimple is better but it can be actually pretty harsh for your already sensitive spot. An optional step would be to use eye drops (1-2 drops is enough) on the affected area after applying the ice cube. This reduces the inflammation and redness of your pimple.

Refreshing Facial

You can use ice cubes for an instant pick me up facial. You can go really old school by just literally dunking your face into a big bowl of ice water. Before you get mad, this actually tightens pores and instantly improves circulation. If you want a natural skin brightener for a dull complexion, you can squeeze natural juices such as orange juice or lemon juice into ice cube trays. Once fully frozen you can run these flavored ice cubes through your face for instantly glowing skin. You can use other stuff like cucumber or honey too.

Natural Anesthetic

I made the subject title sound kind of scary but it does kind of work like an anesthetic for when you are tweezing your eyebrows. I personally still get irritated skin when I tweeze or thread my eyebrows. It kind of makes this weird unibrow shape of redness. It is extremely embarrassing to walk out of the salon. A good way to avoid any pain and to decrease any redness is by periodically dabbing your eyebrow area with an ice cube.

Skin Primer and Pore Shrinker

Rubbing ice cubes all over your face is also a great way to prep your skin before applying makeup. You can focus especially on areas where your pores are enlarged. The cold ice cube will instantly close your pores. You can then apply your favorite primer. You can also prep your under eye area by placing an ice cube over it to reduce any puffiness. You can also substitute the ice cube with a frozen cucumber slice.

Quick Drying Nails

If you thought the magic of ice cubes stops with your skin, you thought wrong. If you’re like me and you always end up ruining your newly manicured nails in a matter of minutes right after getting them then you will appreciate this tip. All you need to do is to air dry your nails for a good 3 minutes and then you dunk your nails into a bowl of ice water for another 3 minutes. Your nails will dry instantly. Goodbye ruined manicures forever.

I hope these tips were just as helpful for you as they have been for me in the past. There’s an odd sense of comfort in knowing that you can fix most beauty problems with a simple household item like an ice cube. Remember, for any of the mentioned beauty emergencies just remember to reach for your ice cubes and you are good to go!