By Simi A Mira

1. DepopDepop

Picture the love child of Instagram and eBay and you have Depop. You can sell anything on here, but the trendy app is dominated by used vintage clothing, unworn or no longer wanted garments, home accessories and tonnes of random little finds. It’s suited to the quirky Urban Outfitter type who likes to stay one step ahead whilst keeping their own sense of style. There are some real one-off finds on here, so it’s worth downloading the app and scouring for some steals – there’s plenty of retro and designer garments, heels and bags to be found here.

2. StylekickStylekick

As their tag line goes, “discover, shop & share endless street style”. If you let the app know your personal style, it will recommend pieces suited to your look. As well as being tailored to your own street style, the app gives you your own Insta -like profile page, where you can add pictures of your latest looks and even get feedback from the fashion savvy users of this app. This is a cool way to shop for new looks, as you can gain inspiration from the plentiful fashion-forward users, as well as show off your own.

3. Keep ShoppingKeepshopping

The name of this app is already a winner – who needs to be told twice?! The unique thing about the Keep Shopping app is that it utilized a really amazing idea and brought it to life – it created the world’s first universal fashion buying app that allows us time strapped fashion lovers to purchase any item or brand from the SAME checkout cart. It’s a genius idea. As they say on their webpage, Keep is “addictive shopping”, and even has a “shop Instagram” feature that will no doubt be wholly made use of.

4. MallzeeMallzee

Cute name, really great shopping app. Whilst it boasts the same capabilities as other shopping apps out there, it does stand out from the crowd due to a very handy feature on it that any style lover with a decrease in budget will love. The helpful app will email you notifications when the Givenchy bag you’ve been adorning over has had a price slash, or when that Vera Wang clutch has been marked down. As well as this, the day to day features of this app are just as wonderful – you can create your own shopping wish lists, organize your own style feeds and pretty much just shop until your hearts content.

5. PS DeptPSDept

What more could any fashion loving woman need than their own personal stylist at their fingertips, at any time of day? This ground-breaking app gives you just that, no matter what you’re shopping for; a new party piece for the holiday season or just a new pair of ankle boots to go with a dress you already have, this app is a lifesaver. The real selling point here is the calibre of designers who are collaborating with the app to offer expert advice – Stella McCartney and Chloe to name a couple. Once you have found your winning piece(s), you can they happily checkout via the app.