By Calynn M. Lawrence

If you are a freelance fashion model who is looking tgo expand her career and grow her platform, these websites are vital for you!


Model Mayhem is awesome for fashion personnel who are just getting started in the industry! If you are someone who does not really have the capital to invest in your career but you have the drive and the talent, this place is for you! Because of their budget friendly service exchange method, it is easy for anyone in the industry to build up a portfolio with zero cost, only time and energy. Photographers get to have free photoshoots with beautiful models, models get to get free prints and professional shots for their portfolio and talent recruiters can find free talent for their shows! The best part about it is that you get tons of networking opportunities and the chance to help other small freelancers grow their business alongside your own!


Backstage is a website where fashion personnel can research the latest casting calls in their area. It is a great job board for talent to not only apply but to receive fast feedback! Although it is not ideal for someone with a tight budget, it is great for those who have a little bit of capital to invest in potentially sky rocketing opportunities! The pay ranges vary, however, the average job on this website is at least equivalent to that of a day’s work at a minimum wage job. When freelancing, pay should be the second factor that you look at next to opportunity for advancement.


You Model And Act is a great website for those who are looking to get into the modeling industry at a young age. Those under the age of 18 obviously need parental consent. Because many of the modeling freelance bhoards are created with adults in mind, this website is amazing for teens and even children trying to build up their portfolio early alongside their parents! Many of the jobs are fun and small, which is perfeect for youths who likely have school and other asctivities that they are involved with! As notyed, the earlier you start your career the more likely you are to succeed.


Tired of all those long applications just to receive one call back? Well, One Model Place is the answer for those who have limited time for filling out seperate applications to various gigs. This website allows you to apply to multiple modeling jobs at once while using a general portfolio and cover letter! Talk about a time saver.

These websites are essential to building your modeling career fast and effectively as a freelancer. Check them out and see how your career advances!