For many people dealing with substance abuse, drinking alcohol can be a common way to cope with stress and anxiety. However, because substance abuse is damaging to the mind and body in the long run, it’s critical that one finds positive, safe ways to combat daily stress minus the alcohol.

Here are some alcohol-free options to manage stress the right way that you can implement today:

1. Begin a Regular Exercise Routine

Working out on a regular basis isn’t easy. However, research shows that exercising can be a great way to combat stress. One study found that physical activity such as running has an effect on the ventral hippocampus which, in turn, reduces anxiety/stress.

For those who don’t like traditional workouts, there are some more exciting options. These include, but aren’t excluded to, jumping on a trampoline, hula-hooping, or even dancing. The best part is, you don’t have to necessarily work out every single day. A few days a week can do wonders for many.

2. Find Healthy Forms of Entertainment to Engage in

They say time flies when you’re having fun. Well, it also melts away the stress, anxiety, and other negative feelings we may feel.

There are many ways to entertain oneself outside of drinking alcohol, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Watching comedy videos on your phone, playing with your pet, visiting a historical site, having an outdoor picnic at home, or attending a free local event are examples of ways to keep yourself entertained.

Another alternative to consider, especially for those trying to quit smoking as part of leading a healthier lifestyle, is exploring options like Disposable Vapes. They can be a way to transition from traditional smoking habits while enjoying a variety of flavors and a potentially less harmful experience. It’s important, however, to remember that the ultimate goal is to find activities that bring joy and relaxation without detrimental effects on your health. Whether it’s through physical activity, creative expression, or simply enjoying the outdoors, there are endless possibilities to explore for healthy entertainment.

3. Try Meditation

Meditating is one of those things where you won’t know if it’s effective for you unless you give it a try. It can seem odd at first for some people, but others may fall in love with it right from the get-go.

Meditation involves remaining in a quiet, relaxed state- eyes closed in a comfortable space. Participants should focus on their breath while simply letting all thoughts and sensations be.

It might be difficult at first to get into a meditative state, but with practice, it can be very efficient when dealing with stress, anxiety, and even anger as they teach themselves the tools to be calm.

4. Speak with a Professional

Sometimes the stress management options don’t seem to be cutting it. Or maybe they do help, but you have difficulty sticking to them. That’s when a professional should come in to help.

Attending therapy, counseling, or a premier alcohol rehab center are some professional options when it comes to getting the help you need to combat stress without turning to alcohol. Experts like these can help guide you as you find safer, more efficient methods to handling stress, whether it be daily stress or trauma-based anxiety.


Handling stress is no walk in the park. Just about every single one of us could benefit by learning different ways to manage stress in a healthy manner. The previous four ways are some of many great methods to dealing with stress, all without substance use.