By Rhiannon Bamford-Purchon

Fishnet Stockings

Perhaps one of the most surprising trends of 2017, fishnet stockings were everywhere this winter. This year they became chic and very on trend amongst street-style, with celebrities like Kim Kardashian pioneering the trend.


Neutral’s have been big for quite a few years (lets blame it on backlash from the neon re-surgence of the late 2000’s), but nothing was to prepare us for the huge amounts of beige that were to take over runways and shopping malls everywhere. From Yeezy to Balenciaga and H&M.

Coloured Aviators

Come Coachella, every cool girl was wearing rainbow coloured aviators. From gorgeous mustard yellows and sunset peaches to cool blues and greys, this was a huge trend that stretched through seasons last year.

Unicorn Everything

This is a trend i’m sure many of us are glad to be rid of. From unicorn cosmetics to backpacks, holographic prints and festival wear. The influence of the unique and mystical was BIG in commercial fashion.

Political Fashion

From Dior’s iconic “We Should All Be Feminists” tee to local Sydney designer Haus Of Izzy’s eccentric ‘Love Is Love’ earrings promoting the legalisation of gay marriage. Political Fashion is very much alive and thriving. I hope this trend is here to stay!

70s Influence

Muted colours, dainty florals and a silouette Stevie Nicks would be proud of. The resurgence of 70s inspired designs trickled from haute couture into chain stores last year. In 2017 nobody could refuse cold-shoulder tops, embroidered denim and bell-bottom pants.


The train-driver inspired hat, the beret and the straw sun hat  have only been a few examples of our favourite hat trends this year. From relaxed to preppy, there is a style for everyone.

Early 2000’s

Camo, juicy couture and (sigh) low rise jeans have made a surprisingly large resurgence last year. With fashionista’s drooling over Elle Wood’s iconic all-pink wardrobe and Paris Hilton’s ensembles, it looks like the early 2000’s could become the new 90s.