By Michele Smith
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With the holiday season, fast approaching it is time, to start thinking shopping for what to wear this holiday season and even give fashionable gifts if you want to look like a model. There are options out there though to not break your budget and secondly, it is always nice to have a fun holiday fashion themed gift that transcends into the next year. Here is how you can look like a model in the New Year while capitalizing on the 2016 trends.

The theme of the 2016 Paris Fashion Week show according to Vogue was “ocentacious” and the clothes models strutted down the runway elicited fashion trends that will carry over into early January 2017.  What styles you may ask will make or break a model or non-model’s budget? We have the sneak peek.

Faux fur is in. Yes, we can all wear fur again without judgement or red paint being hurled at our magnificent outfits. On another note, according to industry experts, the question is go red or go home when it comes to winter trends. These trendy couture outfits (sweater or not) will actually make your sweater or otherwise the envy of all of your friends who adore red and missed this tip.  While you can go big or go home with the red, you are good fashionable for early winter 2017. The point is to select your favorite trendy red sweater/dress/accessory/you name it.

fashion trends, faux fur
faux fur, fashion trends, 2017 fashion
faux fur, fashion trends, 2017 fashion trends,

The scoop continues … if at all are interested the simple pullover here is not the case. There are many other winter trends that are translating into 2017 and they are quite simple. Some of these examples include long sleeves, leggings and for the ultimate fashionistas that live in the cold – the return and continued existence of the waxed ski jacket.

What about the accessories? After all, if you want to look like a model be sure to keep an eye on what to wear, including any lack of accessories, which is like basically walking out of your home naked. According to industry insiders who regularly attend the New York and Paris fashion weeks, here is what will get anyone through to from winter to 2017 looking stunning.

Cuffs and bracelets over the sleeves will still be making a statement, while on a simpler note … a string of pearls will make a statement whether at a holiday party or combined with a couture suit. The single earring will still be in high fashion. This accessory comes into play whether it is a long dangling earring on one ear or a broach style creating a bold statement.

A surprising trend that is carrying over is the safety pin jewelry trend. Safety pin earrings were the talk of the town when the St. Laurent models led the punk comeback on the catwalk and the trend did not stop there. The additional trending items on this look includes pendants, brooches and bracelets complete with a diamond infusion.

safety pin earring, statement earring, fashion trends, 2017 fashion trends,
safety pin earring, statement earring, fashion trends, 2017 fashion trends,
safety pin earring, statement earring, fashion trends, 2017 fashion trends,