Everyone is different. What may be attractive for you may not be appealing to another person. However, there are still certain things that tend to be universally attractive.

If you’re wondering what those things might be, wonder no more! Here are 16 things women find attractive in men.

1. Ambition

Women are attracted to ambitious men because it shows they’re driven and have goals. Plus, it indicates that you’ll be able to provide for her and any future family you might have together.

2. A Great Smile

A great smile is the icing on the cake regarding attractiveness. It’s the first thing people notice about you, so it’s important to make sure yours is looking its best.

If you’re conscious about your smile and you’re in the market for a long-term relationship, investing in veneers is worth it.

3. A Sense of Humor

If you can make a woman laugh, you’re already halfway there. A sense of humor shows you’re intelligent, confident, and down-to-earth. All three of those traits are incredibly attractive for a woman who is looking for a life partner.

4. A Strong Work Ethic

For an ideal partner, there’s nothing sexier than a man who is passionate about his work and drives himself to be the best at what he does. It shows that he’s ambitious, motivated, and dedicated. Plus, it doesn’t hurt if he looks good doing it!

5. Confidence

This is probably the most important quality when a woman is looking for a potential partner. A man who is confident in himself is automatically more attractive than a man who isn’t.

Confidence shows that you know who you are and are comfortable in your own skin. It’s an incredibly sexy quality.

6. Dependability

Dependability is another personality trait that women find attractive in many different contexts. Whether it’s being reliable at work or simply remembering important dates like anniversaries and birthdays, being dependable is appealing. If you want to be more attractive to women, start by being someone they can count on!

7. Generosity

Generosity is an attractive quality because it shows that you’re kind-hearted and care about others. Whether picking up the tab at dinner or opening the door for someone, small acts of generosity can go a long way in making you more attractive to women.

8. Good Manners

This one might seem old-fashioned, but good manners will never go out of style. Holding doors open, offering to help carry things, and being respectful to friends and strangers shows that you’re a kind and considerate person—two more qualities that are very attractive.

9. Honesty

This one should be a no-brainer, but it’s amazing how many people lie or withhold information in relationships. Being honest shows that you’re trustworthy and have nothing to hide. It also shows that you’re confident enough in yourself to tell the truth, even when it’s not easy.

10. Humility

While being confident is important, it’s also important to be humble. Being humble shows that you’re not full of yourself and can see the world from other people’s perspectives. It’s a quality that many women find very attractive.

11. Intelligence

Many women find intelligence to be one of the most attractive qualities in men because it shows that you’re thoughtful, well-spoken, and knowledgeable about the world around you. So if you want to attract intelligent women, brush up on current events and engage in stimulating conversations!

12. Kindness

Kindness is an attribute that will always be attractive to women. Whether being patient with someone or going out of your way to help someone in need, acts of kindness show that you’re a good person. And that’s a quality that any woman would be lucky to have in her life.

13. Passion

Passion is an attractive characteristic because it shows that you’re enthusiastic and excited about life. When you’re passionate about something, it’s impossible to hide! If you want to be more attractive to women, let your passion shine through.

14. Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is important to many single women because it shows that you take care of your body and value your health. Plus, it’s a major turn-on for some women looking for a future partner!

15. Protectiveness

Protectiveness is an instinctual quality many women find attractive in men because it demonstrates strength and guardianship. Plus, it makes them feel safe and secure with you.

16. Vulnerability

While being vulnerable might not seem like an attractive quality, many women find it to be incredibly sexy. Vulnerability shows you’re comfortable letting your guard down and sharing your feelings. It also demonstrates that you trust her enough to be open and honest with her.

While everyone has individual preferences, certain things still tend to be universally attractive—like a sense of humor, a strong work ethic, and confidence. So if you’re looking to up your attractiveness quotient, focus on developing these qualities! Trust us; it’ll pay off in the long run.