Admit it or not, you want the whole room to pause when you walk in. All of us crave that special treatment (the protocol). Don’t we? 

So, what to do about it? How are your thoughts going to take a physical form? Are you going to call a parade or something? Ask for it, perhaps? Definitely not! 

You don’t need to be that fancy and desperate when you can naturally beat the game. All that you need is nothing but a good short workout dress. 

(….well, of course, more things could level up your workout dress fashion even more. And we will get to that too. But let us acquaint you with your shortest route to ultimate goddess-like gym fashion.)

1. Try Halara Skirts & Dresses (Hack 101) 

Well, to be very honest, it’s our discovery of the very brand that inspired the compilation of this post. Finding the perfect way to dress for the gym stylishly such that it saves on the need for stepping out of your comfort zone seemed almost impossible to us. Until, of course, we came across the premium-ly stitched and designed halara skirts and dresses. 

It turns out that this global workout clothing brand has been dedicatedly bridging the gap between three distant concepts, i.e., gym, comfort, and style. Today, it stands as the only place where you can find the best athleisure of all time. 

To look super chic and cool at the gym, we’d particularly recommend this short workout dress. It’s soft, simple, yet classy. Plus, it’s available in five other subtle colors and five different sizes ranging from XS to XL. If you have an appetite for striking colors and attires, then halara’s Contrast Trim Crisscross may as well be a good pick for leveling up your gym dress game. There are lots more, so just explore and we’re sure you’ll definitely get your hands on your next best workout dress. 

2. Opt for Moisture-Wicking Clothing 

Your time at the gym will involve lots of sweat. Even if the interiors are air-conditioned, the kind of activities you will indulge in will leave you panting and your outfit drenched in sweat. Hence, it’s not a good idea to go with your everyday wear. The fabric will not only make you feel awkward but will also interfere with your exercise routine. For that very reason, we recommend sportswear crafted from a Lycra blend or polyester. Nylon and Bamboo are also great options. All these fabrics may cost a little more than usual tees, but they are both breathable and moisture-wicking. 

3. Don’t Shy Away from Dressing Bold 

If the gym’s been your place for a while, your physique might as well be your pride by now. If it rings some bells, then there’s no need to shy away from flaunting your newly built muscles and curves. You could go for physique-defining clothing. And couple them with super bold colors! Don’t hesitate in sporting that hot pink or oddly captivating neon shade. 

4. T-Shirts Over Tank Tops

Okay so, we’re saying loud and clear: drop your love for gym tank tops! For one thing, they are super overrated and old-fashioned by now. Read this as: typically screaming for attention. That’s only going to push away the genuine compliments and attention that you might as well get otherwise. 

Second, these will make your exercising routine much more difficult than it ought to be. You may have sweat all over the equipment. Instead, you can opt for t-shirts. They look cool, casual, and are super comfortable. We’d recommend solid colored t-shirts. 

5. Carry a Complimenting Bag 

Carrying a bag to the gym is more of a fashion statement than a necessity. Well-stacked bags with a metallic exterior look stylish, while vibrantly colored canvas bags look super cute. The bonus here is you get to carry your makeup essentials and things you’ll need for plans afterward. 

6. Carry a Water Bottle 

Since when did carrying a water bottle got categorized as a fashion statement? Well, from this very moment! Admit it or not, it looks cool and it’s much of a necessity. You can say it depicts the amount of effort you’re investing in the gym, thus boosting your social profile. Hydration is, of course, another important aspect. 

7. Cut Down the Accessories 

Wearing chains, necklaces, rings, and bracelets represent your unrivaled taste in fashion. However, the gym is an inappropriate place to show it off. Instead, cutting down as many accessories as possible in the gym brings about the opposite impact. The simpler, the smarter. 

8. Choose the Right Shoes 

Wearing the best workout dress but failing to pair them with the right shoes is going to kill it all. So, pay good attention to your shoes. 

If you are more into weight-lifting activities, check to consider flat-soled shoes that have a solid and firm base. Otherwise, trainers are comfortable too. For ladies, sneakers may look more stylish. But you ought to consider your comfort. 

9. Go for White or Brown Socks 

The market’s flooded with neon and brightly colored sports socks. Some of them even come in the same design as the gym tees and trousers offered by sports brands. And although buying these may bring you a more professional and serious feel, we’d suggest you go with plain brown or white socks. There are no hard and fast rules. You could go with other soft and subtle colors that please you. But try not opting for black. It’s universal, yes, but it may get too hot in the summer to wear these, and they kill the vibe of your soft, cute gym looks. 

10. Always Carry a Towel 

We’ve talked about avoiding sweat a lot. And this tip is not very different. You ought to carry at least two towels to your gym: one for wiping off sweat and the other for the shower. It also assists in maintaining hygienic conditions. 

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Before signing off, let us remind you. Your workout dress and the rest of these measures can only turn the tables if you permit them so. You may not get anywhere unless you carry yourself with confidence. You ought to have a command of your posture and body language to bring out the best of these tips and measures. Good luck!