By Mode3Zero

Mode3zero is a web-based tool that allows model discovery through a smart visual search. Clients can discover models on the website using filters based on different facial features and physical traits. Using Mode3zero benefits models because they will show up in searches based on their facial features, not just by agency affiliation or name recognition.

For example, established models may show up along side new faces under a simple cheekbone search. Photographers and their clients will find Mode3zero’s smart search indispensable when searching for the perfect eyes or lips to cement their campaign. Marketing executives will be able to select the best face to sell their brand. Currently, no other tools exist on the web to search and find models based on facial features.

1. Your face can be analysed by a computer and compared to your model friends and other models’ faces across the world.

2. If you didn’t know it already, your face is interactive. You can use it to unlock your phone, but also to get your next casting because Mode3Zero can recommend your face to a client.

3. Your cheekbones, loved by makeup artists, can have many similarities with other models without a doppelgänger effect.

4. As a model, your full lips can be organised with 25 similar full lips of models in New York City in 2 seconds.

5. Model vision algorithms can combine several models facial traits together to find the right model for a client, it could be you that exists as a muse in the mind of some brilliant photographer or director: the combination that unlocks the creative genius of a PeterLindbergh, for example.

6. Not all computer vision algorithms are created equally, in fact there is only one for modeling.

7. Finally you can have your own vision algorithm to help you get a request casting by just being on Mode3Zero. No manual work required.

8. Let Mode3Zero vision algorithms do the work while you drink your coconut water and binge watch your favorite show.

9. Be discovered for your next modeling job with a vision algorithm that picks you out of a crowded lineup: as easy as pie.

10. Vision algorithms are the cool new tech you didn’t know you needed for helping your modeling career promote you in interesting ways.