By Simi Afroza Mira

As a former fashion model, and as a woman who just in general really appreciates really awesome clothes, I have compiled a list of the top 10 most iconic movies that forever changed the way I – and our entire culture – regarded fashion. This little nostalgic walk down Fashion’s Memory Lane is funny, heart-warming, and at times, laughably cringe-worthy. Let’s get started.

 1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
10 Iconic Fashion Movies - Breakfast At Tiffany's
Leave it to the quintessential Audrey Hepburn to give us the little black dress, a classy string of pearls, a silver cigarette holder, and a freaking tiara, and look like utter perfection with a whole lot of bad-assery during every second of that film.

I tried this look too, during an unfortunate 2 months of my life in middle school. I just couldn’t pull off the tiara, dammit. Didn’t go well with my Lucky jeans and Doc Marten Mary Janes. I tried though. I TRIED.

2. Pretty Woman
10 iconic fashion movies - pretty woman
Never have I ever…wished I was a prostitute. EXCEPT EVERY TIME I WATCHED THIS MOVIE as a pre-teen, daydreaming about my own prince charming, my own iconic red dress, and my very own shopping spree on Rodeo Drive . If a little prostitution here and there was all it cost for this dream to become a reality, then my 12 year old self was SUPER READY.

3. The Great Gatsby
10 iconic fashion films - the great gatsby
Nothing captures the iconic “Roaring 20’s” like this film. The costumes are completely alluring and sublime. Pretty sure I’d not want to live in the 1920’s BECAUSE WHAT ABOUT MY iPHONE, but if I could be one of Jay Gatsby’s girls? Yeah, I’d totally do the flapper thing.

4. The Matrix
10 iconic fashion films - the matrix

5. Grease
10 iconic fashion films - grease
I grew up watching “Grease,” and while the entirely almost-coulda-shoulda-yeah-probably-rated-R song lyrics completely went over my head, the teased hair, poodle skirts, and leather jackets did NOT. Also, John Travolta aka Danny Zuko, marry me with your chin dimple NOW, you rascal!

6. Manina
10 iconic Fashion Films - manina
This completely stunning 1950’s movie made waves because it was the first ever movie that showed a woman in a bikini. Suddenly, it was okay for women all over the world to follow suit. I was completely enchanted with Brigitte Bardot, and she still to this day remains one of the women I wanted to emulate when I began my modeling career. Also, Brie from 1997 could often be heard crowing something like, “But Mo-om, if Brigitte Bardot can wear a bikini IN A MOVIE back, like FOREVER AGO, why can’t I wear one now? This is THE NINETIES, MOM.

7. The Breakfast Club
10 iconic fashion films - the breakfast club
Perfect! Now, no matter what social class or clique you belonged to in school, you had this iconic film and wardrobe to help you out. “A Princess,” “An Athlete,” “A Brain,” “A Basket Case,” and “A Criminal.” I daydreamed about being a perfect combination of “a princess,” and “a basket case.” Like, 95% princess, and 5% basket case; just enough to make me endearing and unique but not too weird because then I wouldn’t ever snag a boyfriend. BUT REALLY I TOTALLY DIDN’T ACTUALLY PLAN THIS ALL OUT. I SWEAR.

 8. Gone With the Wind
10 iconic fashion films - gone with the wind
Growing up, I remember being so enchanted by the southern belle attire during the Civil War Era portrayed in “Gone With the Wind.” I wanted a tiny waist like Scarlett, but I also decided I wanted to be smarter than her because GUYS, SHE LET RHETT GO IN THE END. It took me almost a decade to get over the righteous, white-hot indignation I felt as the movie ended and the credits rolled. Sure, Scarlett looked hands-down amazing in her gown, but HOW COULD YOU LET THAT AMAZING SPECIMEN OF A MAN GO, SCARLETT?

9. The Devil Wears Prada
10 iconic fashion films - the devil wears prada
Because you wanted to BE Anne Hathaway’s character, (Andrea Sachs) but with the wardrobe of Meryl Streep’s character (Miranda Priestly). Also, add in some of the airy, bitchy, self-entitlement of Miranda Priestly, but not too much, you still want friends, right? – and then – BAM. YOU ARE LITERALLY THE MOST PERFECT PERSON ON THE PLANET.

10. Clueless
10 iconic fashion films - clueless
I just had, HAD, to save this for last, because “Clueless” is hands-down, a million percent, the movie I will always, ALWAYS remember, as being so personally influential for me as a kid, growing up in the 90’s, desperately wanting more than anything to be popular, and rock a plaid skirt and top duo like Alicia Silverstone. Each and every outfit worn by the entire cast of “Clueless” was like my fashion roadmap of do’s and don’ts.

“Dude, what’s wrong? You suffering from Buyers Remorse or something?

“GOD no, nothing like that.