Margretta Sowah is what you would call ‘a talker’. You can find Mags writing about fashion philosophy mixed with the social psychology of branding, filtered through an eye for art and design. Margretta invites the reader to feel as if they were having intimate conversations about what’s happening in the world (it’s like a jungle sometimes…) with her cheeky obversations. A true believer in many ways, Mags loves to question things – we told you she was a talker! – but knows deep down she isn’t the one running the show.

Starting her tertiary journey in psychology, Mags quickly realised there was a creative spirit that needed an outlet. Believing in marketing being the marriage of psychology and design, Mags completed her B.D in Fashion Marketing at the influential Raffles College of Design and Commerce in Sydney. Surrounding herself with talented, passionate, and bad-ass creative people, Mags came to our global tribe (#allmytribe) with the help of devine intervention and a leap of faith. Amen to that!

Mags has worked and interned for fashion, design and marketing companies; both globally and locally. She is not afraid of putting her work heels on and getting things done. Her proactive and fun spirit gives her courage to get to the bottom of issues surrounding this wonderful industry.

When Mags isn’t daydreaming of running away to Morocco she’s lounging in her kaftan, writing the world go by. She’s also into adult colouring books and loves to overshare (no judgment). All opinions expressed are her own. You can trust her, she’s a writer.

Twitter: @bohomags