Don’t you think a bride’s mother holds a vital role in the daughter’s wedding party? She executes all the minute details, keeps track of the entire planning process, and acts as a host for guests and family members. So, doesn’t she deserve to look exceptionally good at the wedding ceremony?

Deciding the bride’s mother’s attire can be challenging. Cabotine & Zelia Mother of the Bride Outfits will offer you elegance and femininity at its best. It will provide latest designs with wide color palette and luxurious fabrics. 

Let me tell you that you need to keep some aspects in mind while deciding the bride’s mother’s attire. It is good to encourage her to wear something that both mother and daughter love. Here are the details of what the bride’s mother wears and should avoid.

What does the bride’s mother wear?

Take a tip from the bride 

You need to follow the bride’s ideas about color, style, design, and the degree of formality. Indeed, the bride and mother set the event’s tone. Be it a casual country wedding with cowboy boots or a formal wedding; the mother needs to be in the perfect attire. So, you can ask your daughter for some guidelines on attire and follow them. It is because she will know the latest trends as a part of buying her wedding dresses.

Take color ideas from the wedding party

 It is always expected that the bride’s mother’s dress should complement the wedding party’s colors. So, it is good of you to wait until the bride decides the bridesmaids’ dresses. If your daughter declines uniform bridesmaid dresses and decides on individual outfits in a similar shade, then you can stick to similar shades. If your daughter has decided that the attendants wear black cocktail dresses, you can go for something grey or sliver.

Follow the destination 

You have to wear the appropriate attire based on the wedding venue. You will probably not prefer to wear a strapless dress to a church wedding. However, the dress will be perfect for a beach ceremony. And yes! You can add a lovely jacket or wrap to the strapless dress to make it perfect for chapel. Do not forget to make sure that you consider culture, religion, and the weather while finalizing the outfit.

Get pretty for the wedding

Having a beautiful attire is not enough. The mother of the bride should also have sleek hair and makeup that reflect your style. It is a special moment for you, so relish the rare occasion. Plan to have your makeup and hair done by a professional or an expert friend. Do not overlook yourself as it is your daughter’s wedding. 

What should the bride’s mother avoid?

Do not ignore daughter’s requests 

Before you go shopping, do not forget to discuss the dresses with your daughter. She may have a few suggestions or requests associated with the outfit. Do not ignore her suggestions on whether she wants you in a particular color or not. Ask if a V-neckline is quite revealing or not.

Do not delay 

Remember, you should not delay in searching and finalizing your outfit. Instead, you should start the shopping process at least 3 months before the wedding ceremony. It will make room for alterations and special orders. And yes! It is a custom that the bride’s mother buys her dress first and shares it with the groom’s mother. So, ensure to give her ample time to accomplish the attire arrangements on time. 

Do not match 

Do not go for anything that matches what your daughter wears on the wedding day. Do not wear a color or design similar to the bride. The bride needs to stand out as the star of the show on the wedding day. So, avoid wearing anything similar to her bridal dress. 

On top of it, your dress should also not match that of the bridesmaids. Remember, you are different from the bride and bridesmaids. So, avoid similar colors as those of the bridesmaids’ dresses. You can wear a somewhat similar shade but not the same color.

So, before finalizing the outfit for the daughter’s wedding, make sure to discuss it with her.  She will give you the best opinion considering the design and color that suits you. You can also discuss with her the best store to visit for the attire. It will also help you eliminate any style mishaps and make you look the best on your daughter’s wedding day.