By Jessica Sepel

Whether you’re traveling for holiday or for work, it can be tough on your system. It IS possible to have fun on your adventure while still taking care of yourself.

Pack your supplements. I especially like to bring a B vitamin complex for energy, stamina and recovery (it also seems to help with jet lag) and zinc to keep your immune system strong. Bring spirulina tablets, which are packed with amino acids, nutrients and antioxidants to keep you healthy and full of energy. And since digestion can get out of whack while traveling, be sure to take a digestive enzyme and probiotic.

Bring your own snacks. Plane/airport food is usually very high in sodium. This is OK in moderation, but save the splurge for a great restaurant when you arrive! Pack some healthy treats that are travel-friendly, like raw almonds, dates stuffed with seeds, sliced veggies, an apple, rice cakes with almond butter, and homemade granola bars or protein bites. 


Stay hydrated. Hydration cannot be emphasized enough, especially when flying. This prevents water retention and other issues associated with dehydration when you land. Carry a glass water bottle to refill at the filters available at most airports, and bring herbal tea bags with you too. Ginger and peppermint tea aids digestion, and chamomile will soothe your system. 

Use lavender oil. I dab some on my temples to induce calmness and rest on the plane and when going to sleep while I’m away. Adjusting to jet lag, lighting and a different bed can cause stress on your body and this routine is very soothing.

Pack your workout gear. Sneakers take up precious space in your suitcase, so you’re more likely to make it worthwhile by putting them on and hitting the pavement. If you’re looking for something that takes up next to zero space in your bag, resistance bands will be your new bestie. They’re perfect for strength training –no weight machines required!


Keep moving. I don’t worry too much about formal exercise when traveling, but I stay active exploring my surroundings. Walking, biking and jogging are always  great ways to sightsee. You may even find a fun local yoga or dance class!


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