People assume that it’s only possible to dress well if you have lots of money to spare. Sure, having plenty of disposable income does help when it comes to buying designer clothes, but it is totally possible to dress well even if you are on a budget. 

Below is a guide that explains how you can look your best when you are heading out to a restaurant, bar, nightclub, casino, or any other venue where you want to be the most stylish person in the room.

Even if you are not planning any exciting nights out in the near future, you can learn a few tips about looking stylish in everyday life.

Minimalism Works When Done Properly

The good news is that it’s definitely possible to use celebrities as a source of inspiration if you want to look incredible, while still maintaining a minimalist wardrobe. Even though people associate celebrities with lavish dresses and exotic jewels, many of the best celeb outfits can be simple and affordable if you know where and how to shop.

Emma Watson, an actress who starred in the Harry Potter film series, is a prime example of minimalist class. Any casual photo of Emma shows her wearing simple, elegant, and classic garments, and she always looks stunning.

Richard Madden from Game of Thrones is an excellent example for men. Madden rarely veers away from his trusty black suit, whether he is doing a press tour or attending a red carpet, and he always looks well put together and handsome.

Prioritize Your Grooming

If you look at a photo of a celebrity that was taken when they were out in public or at an event, your eyes may not even turn to their clothes at first. One of the primary ways that we assess a person’s appearance is through their grooming habits.

Were they clean-shaven or allowing their stubble to grow unchecked? Did their beard look unruly or was it properly trimmed before they left the house? Did they bother to brush their hair, or do they look as though they rolled straight out of bed?

There are so many examples of celebrities, for whom no amount of money or decent taste in clothes can make up for poor grooming. Joaquin Phoenix is an excellent example, as there are so many photos of the award-winning actor at events where he has an overgrown, untrimmed beard, along with wild, unbrushed hair.

Even though Phoenix is wearing expensive and classy clothes to red carpets and other events, his lack of grooming makes him look shabby and unkempt. That is the impression you would give if you were to step into a casino without brushing your hair or trimming your beard – a definite no-no!

Dress for the Occasion

One of the most common mistakes a person can make when trying to be more fashionable is to be too dressed up or down at an event. Even if you love a particular outfit, there are very few items of clothing that would work for every single occasion.

Say you are heading to the gym — that is not the moment to wear high heels and a tight skirt. Have you seen photos of actress Kate Beckinsale going to the gym? She is always looking her athletic best with casual sweatpants, tank tops, and a trusty pair of sunglasses.

There are occasions where the simplest clothes, if bought from a quality store and washed after every use, can look fantastic. You do not have to wear sweatpants that have shiny designs on the edges, because the quality of your clothes and style will stand out even with simpler designs.

Similarly, if you are heading to a fancy event, do not try to get away with wearing jeans or flip-flops. Even the most expensive jeans on the planet would look horribly out of place at a casino table or a fancy restaurant.

Show Off Your Best Features, and Hide Your Worst

Part of being fashionable means having a thorough understanding of what does and does not work for you. Each person has a different face and body type, which means clothes and styles that look great on you may not necessarily work for your friends or family.

Take Hollywood actress Emma Stone, for example. She is equally talented and beautiful, and she is also an excellent dresser. Any time you see Emma on a red carpet, out on the town with her significant other, or greeting fans, she looks stunning.

One of the reasons Emma Stone is such a fashionable celebrity is because she is aware of her best and worst features. You may notice that Emma often has bangs, or her hair parted in a way that partially covers her forehead. She may be aware that she looks better with some of her forehead covered, which is why she often goes for bangs.

A similar approach could help you immensely. Men with round faces can often benefit from having a sleek, well-groomed beard, while women who have thin and sculpted faces often look great with shorter hair. 

Look Stylish and Feel Comfortable

A lot of people assume that looking stylish is the most important priority when you are dressing, even at the expense of comfort. This is a mistake, as you should never compromise your comfort because you feel that an occasion demands that you dress a certain way.

Even if you are attending a fancy dinner party or a casino, you should spend time buying elegant clothes that will be comfortable all night. 

Men should never be uncomfortable in a suit, as the best ones can be worn for hours without the wearer looking uneasy. Similarly, women can easily find dresses that look and feel equally incredible.

Dress the part, feel your best, and enjoy the special occasions in your life.