An adjective is simply a modifier, adjectives modify and give context and meaning to nouns, and they make us understand the quality and quantity of nouns. If not, there will not be a difference between a ghastly accident and a fatal accident.

The adjective is an integral part of the English language and it is part of what online English tutors teach their students aside from Nouns, verbs and other 8 parts of speeches. Adjectives are what help nouns and pronouns to take proper shape and fit into the right context and description that they’re been used. 

Some adjectives describe qualities that can exist in different amounts or degrees. Demonstrative Adjectives, Distributive Adjectives, Indefinite Adjectives, Coordinate Adjectives, Interrogative Adjectives e.t.c are some of the types of adjectives discussed in this article and you can also learn more about the usage of Adjective from Online learning platforms.

What is an Adjective 

Without mincing words, an Adjective is simply a word that describes a noun or modifies a noun. For example, you will agree with me that there will not be any difference between a bad company and a good company if the adjectives bad and good were to be removed. 

So, an adjective is what gives meaning and context to nouns which can be the name of any individual, thing, place, or ideology. 

the adjective is part of the 8 parts of speech, you remember the Verb, Adverb, Noun, pronouns and the likes. So, the function of Adjectives is to give more explanation to nouns which is another part of speech, adjectives are used in so many ways and they can be combined in a single sentence to achieve their purpose of giving meaning to the noun. 

Before discussing the usage and examples of Adjectives, let’s talk about the types because there are different types of Adjectives and they perform different functions 

Types and usage of Adjectives 

Descriptive Adjectives 

Just like it sounds “descriptive” a descriptive adjective is one that describes and expresses the nouns which it modifies. Although most adjectives describe and explain the nouns that they modify, not all, some just give context to it.

Usage & Example: Descriptive adjective can be used before or after the noun it is modifying or describing. Here are some examples; 

  • I love playing with hairy Dogs 
  • I like hot weather 
  • His house is very expensive 
  • Green paint was used on the house 

Cumulative Adjectives 

This is when 2 or more adjectives are combined together to modify or explain a noun more better. Note that the order of arrangement matters and the adjectives are not just combined anyhow. They are used in a particular order to describe different qualities of a noun. 

Usage & Example:  cumulative adjectives are combined to explain the qualities of a noun like Age, Quantity, Size, Colour e.t.c Examples of it usage is;

  • I have an old brown  hand fan
  • Do you think a bad old leader is best to lead the country? 

Possessive Adjectives 

Possessive adjectives are the ones that modify nouns and help identify who is in possession of the noun. Possessive adjectives help identify ownership and the relationship between nouns in a sentence. 

Usage & examples:  some possessive adjectives that is used are my, our, his e.t.c Here are some examples.

  • My book
  • This is your team 
  • We looked for his ball everywhere 

Predicate Adjectives

Predicate adjectives don’t come just before nouns and pronouns. They are the Adjectives that alter or characterise a sentence’s or clause’s subject and are connected to the subject by a linking verb. 

Usage & examples: predicate adjectives are used to connect two linking verbs, examples of them are be, been, being, look, seems, appear, feel e.t.c Some examples of usage are;

  • He was late  for work  
  • The play looks nice 

Other types of Adjectives are 

  1. Compound Adjectives 
  2. Proper Adjectives 
  3. Demonstrative Adjectives 
  4. Distributive Adjectives 
  5. Indefinite Adjectives 
  6. Coordinate Adjectives 
  7. Interrogative Adjectives 
  8. Quantitative Adjectives

I hope you had a great time reading. The adjective is one of the eight elements of a speech, but it is also a crucial and essential component of the English language. I hope you were able to infer this from the examples given above. You can connect with an English tutor via an online learning platform to help break down the usage of the remaining types of adjectives in greater detail for clearer understanding.

An adjective is what gives meaning and context to nouns and pronouns, it makes us give context and meaning to words that would literally mean the same without Adjectives. They can be descriptives, demonstrative and indefinite while modifying and explaining nouns and linking verbs. This and many more are what you will get to understand by hiring an online English tutor on Amazing Talker.